Area Staging & Design LLC

Why Stage Sells


Who We Are

James Rae Designs is an Indianapolis-based design firm specializing in home staging for discerning real estate professionals, builders, and homeowners who are looking for thoughtfully curated and beautifully built spaces

What We do

Vacant Home Staging


Whether you're starting with a new build or an empty house, we will set the stage to help buyers see the space at it's greatest potential. 

Occupied Home Staging


It can be overwhelming to clear and sell a home that’s been lived in for years. That's why we offer high, medium and low budget options for re-design of your home.

Design Build


With you from the start, we will help design your space from selecting building materials all the way through to the final finishing touches. 

Start to Finish


From one room to an entire home, this service gives you a James Rae designed space without the hassle. Simply give us your budget and we'll do the rest, from concept to completion. 

AirbNb Set Up


In short, we create magical moments for your AirbNb guests that will keep them coming back again and again. 



Based on an hourly rate, this service offers a walk-through of your space followed by an in-depth, detail orientated report. Perfect for homeowners looking for guidance or advice. 

Not sure which service is right for you?